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There are many major societal challenges that remain unsolved: Preserving democracy, the climate crisis, social justice, geopolitics, digital transformation—they are complex and complicated. In everyday life, they present themselves with concrete tasks:

How does integration work in my city? How do we converse in a solution-oriented and respectful manner? How can our small town deal with all the megatrends? How do we motivate children and young people to do sports? …

At the same time, there are many people who are engaged and want to contribute to solutions. They have skills and/or resources—but are not the ones who sell cakes at the weekend or take on functions in committees.

They don’t want any “club formality”, no management of sensitivities, no energy-sapping meetings, but instead professional structures, modern working methods, and provide effective support.

Our conviction

With the non-profit umbrella organization WIR KÖNNEN MEHR, founded in February 2022, we want to bring together societal engagement with professional governance, digital tools and useful services, and, thus: “Social Engagement as a Service”.

We give all those, who are equally convinced that we can do more, the opportunity to participate and contribute. By establishing a new community platform with theme-based digital spaces, we foster the healthy exchange of perspectives and opinions, all with the aim of bringing concrete solutions to fruition and making the world a better place.

We are happy about all the people who join us in this commitment!

I want to join

You want to be part of the WIR KÖNNEN MEHR community?

Here you can go to our digital platform, where we promote the exchange of opinions and discussions in specifically designed digital spaces, all with the aim of implementing concrete solutions and thus making the world a better place. You can also join any of our subsidiaries’ communities here.

To our platform

Our subsidiaries

Under the umbrella of the non-profit WIR KÖNNEN MEHR gAG, we will gradually build, offer, and design new spaces—our subsidiary gGmbHs. Everyone can join in!

Our town can do more, care can do more, education can do more …

With the foundation of the first non-profit company FUSSBALL KANN MEHR gGmbH, the power of the network and the gathered knowledge are to be used professionally and enhanced by the commitment of all those who are also convinced that football can do more.

To our subsidiaries


Dr. Katrin Suder

Founder & Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

WE CAN DO MORE. Because it is just right, because the team is great, because the idea fits: Professional governance and a digital platform lead volunteering into the future.

Katja Kraus

Founder & Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board

WE CAN DO MORE. On so many levels. If we enter into a dialogue with each other. That is our aspiration—to want more, to achieve more. For our society.

Jessica Weinert 

Supervisory Board member

WE CAN DO MORE. That is a clear statement. I am happy when we can positively shape society through our commitment.


Stephanie Kaiser


WE CAN DO MORE. Enabling and improving social participation (also) through digital means is one of our goals. I am very happy to work together on this, especially in this team.

Julia Olbrisch


WE CAN DO MORE. That’s the thought that drives you when things in your social environment come to a standstill. And at the same time the solution: team play—because the bundled and effectively applied creativity, knowledge, and willpower move mountains and make new solutions possible.

Jana Bernhard


WE CAN DO MORE. Because we move more together. Because fresh ideas and commitment create solutions. Because concentrated implementation power makes a difference.